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Working Outside the Norm, continued

        2021. I gave her some measurements along with some   made the cutting process a bit more tolerable but still tested
        pictures for reference and asked her to make me a 7-foot-tall   my patience. After the floor tiles were set the wall was fairly
        lighthouse for the project. She absolutely knocked it out of   simple. The mesh backed mosaic was much easier to scribe
        the park and I’m thrilled to have been able to add this project   to the lighthouse and install.
        to my portfolio.
                                                            The permat on the floor was set with Bostik Bam and all
        To build up the substrate to the surrounding hardwood, I   the wall tile was set with glass mate. The wall, installed over
        used 3/8 plywood then blanke permat before setting the   Go board from John’s Manville, was grouted with Bostik
        floor portion of the mosaic and the Lunada Bay paper face   Hydromet Vivid and the floor was grouted with diamond-
        glass. Scribing the mosaic to the paper face glass proved to   colored Dimensions.
        be the most difficult aspect of the project. Usually tracing
        the field tile for a scribe is a fairly simple process but the   I love working on projects that push my limits. I honestly
        paper face falls off when it gets wet, making it impossible   didn’t even know exactly how I was going to execute it until
        to keep your lines dry. Using carpet shield over the paper   I was already waist deep into it, but that’s exactly when I do
                                                            my best work. In a time when we’re hurting for new blood in
                                                            the trades, we need to push each other to really see what’s
                                                            possible. Step up, be proud of your abilities, and show your
                                                            artwork off for everyone to enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with
                                                            working outside “the norm”. I know I always have.

                                                            About the Author: Ken Ballin owns Skyro Floors out of West
                                                            Creek, NJ and specializes in custom tile and luxury flooring. He’s
                                                            CFI (certified floorcovering installer) #13604 and CTI (certified tile
                                                            installer) #1392

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