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A Word from Robert Varden

                                              By Robert Varden, Executive Director, CFI Division, CFI #969
                                                                                                                             This isn’t

        2022…. What will it bring? Only the good Lord knows what’s in store for us as we cautiously embark on another
        year. The past few years we saw things happen that none of us had ever expected and most were never prepared.
        Be it the search for hand sanitizer or a simple case of water. I mean who, on the planet would have thought you
        would be searching 3 different stores just in search of a coveted roll of toilet paper?                              a solution

        While it did show what resilient and amazing people we can be, it also showed how ridiculous we can become.
        The craziness before, during, and even after the election process has fragmented us more as a country than I
        have ever seen and certainly saddens me as we work our way through it.

        As for CFI, it has been a ride as well. But while we did have a few ups and downs, we as an association grew in
        many ways. We responded to the needs of the industry by adding the programs to recruit, train and even help
        place the next generation of installers into our trade. We worked diligently with other groups, companies, and
        associations to help develop programs that we hope will continue to elevate this trade we all love so much.

        Our commitment to you as a floor covering professional has been and always will be to better educate, train, and
        promote floor covering installation as a viable, lucrative trade through which an individual and his or her family
        are able to make a good living.

        The larger we are, the more of a voice we have. I encourage you that if you are not already a member of CFI,
        become one. Join the CFI Family. Together we can raise this trade above them all. I promise you that you will not
        regret it.

        In closing, As CFI embarks in to its 28th year as an association, I’d like to take this moment to thank all those that
        gave so much of themselves, their talent, their ideas, their time not just from them but also from their families.      Drilling holes in perfectly good concrete to test for RH doesn’t do a thing to stop
        The commitments you all made shaped and made CFI the association it is today. We can never thank you                    moisture from finding its way to your flooring. Using a proven moisture mitigation
                                                                                                                                system that’s warranted to 100% RH is the only way to be sure your flooring is
                                                                                                                                protected, now and forever. That’s what we call Proactive Concrete Solutions.

        THANK YOU!                                                                                                              Learn more at and follow us on LinkedIn.

        Robert Varden

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